Our Lady of Fatima... Pray for us.
Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament... Hear us.
Our Lady of the Rosary... Strengthen us.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Must see TV...

     This program from Real Catholic TV is a MUST SEE for all people everywhere, especially Christians, and more specifically, Catholics. Please watch this program, and tell your friends.
     As time allows, I will go over topics covered in the show. God bless our church, our nation, and our world. 

Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, Apostles

     Today is the Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul...  Read about them here, from Holy Spirit Interactive... 
May our hearts be filled with joy as we honor these two great apostles: Peter, our leader in the faith, and Paul, its fearless preacher.
     Saints Peter and Paul... Pray for us.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pride goeth before the fall...

     As June comes to a close, I was thinking about how President Obama proclaimed this month to be Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month. He made the same proclamation last year. 
     Love one another... yes. And treat others with the dignity they deserve as God's children... of course.
     But homosexual and transgender pride? A nationwide Presidential proclamation?
     I can see being proud of our accomplishments. Even when we have gifts and talents, thankfulness is in order, rather than pride... for they are gifts given by the grace of God. But pride in our sexuality for its own sake? Really??
     The president stated in his proclamation: "Our nation draws its strength from our diversity, with each of us contributing to the greater whole." 
     Excuse me, Mr. President... America does not get her strength from our diversity. Our strength comes from our unity. Under God. Through Him. With Him. In Him. 
     But you are so busy agitating and dividing, and marginalizing God, that you seem to be incapable of acknowledging the truth. Not in a million proclamations.
     Next time you want to instruct the American people to feel some pride for lifestyle choices that fail to appreciate our true human dignity... How about you try a little humility.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Funny Guy Friday... Musings from my picky husband... A simple change of clothes...

     Yesterday, I took off work early to meet Cheryl and the kids, and Cheryl's three sisters and their kids, for lunch and a movie. The easy laugh might be to say something like, Gee, work never looked so good, but we had a great time, so I won't unnecessarily offend my wife's family... just my wife.
     Since I was leaving work early, I called Cheryl and asked her to bring me some shorts and a shirt, so I could change out of my suit when I met them. This seems like a simple request, but in the past, she has at times failed to get it right.
     In past similar situations, not only has she brought clothes that I never wear, but several equally bad options. Whenever I have asked, Why would you bring these clothes?, she has responded with, Well... I never see you wear those shirts.
     There is a reason for that... I hate those shirts.
     So on this day, I decided that I would be very specific. Please bring me my khaki cargo shorts, my white or blueish/purple (yes, I actually said blueish/purple) golf shirt and either my brown belt with brown flip flops, or my black belt with black flip flops.
     This whole exchange was very amusing to my secretary. I felt I should explain to her that I have about twelve suits, twenty dress shirts, and about fifty ties... but when I am not at work, I have about three pair of shorts, and about five shirts that I wear.
     Now... I do own more than five shirts and three pair of shorts, but generally I have a set starting rotation. Once an article of clothing gets into the starting rotation, only one of two events can knock it out. It can get a noticeable stain... I hate stains, so any stain will ensure a spot in the minors, or as I call it... the grass cutting league. Or it can succumb to wear and tear.
     Mind you, since I will run my starters out until they become rags, wear and tear has rarely knocked out any of my starters... It is usually my kids' blood, my kids' greasy hands, mustard from the kids' hot dogs... you get the picture. My kids are like a torn rotator cuff to my shirts... and are the only things that can bring them down.  
     Now, with very specific instructions from the Manager to the Bullpen Coach, what could go wrong?
     I walked into the restaurant, but the clothes were still in the car. No problem. I went to go change in the parking lot. Is that a normal thing to do... or would most people schlep the clothes back into the restaurant and change in the bathroom? I digress.
     As I opened the car door... there were the khaki shorts... not the ones I wanted, but acceptable... Two belts, two pair of flip flops... Too much... One red golf shirt, and a burgundy shirt... WRONG WRONG WRONG. I have not worn that red golf shirt in more than three years, and I have worn the burgundy shirt only once, in an emergency Church situation.
     How could this happen? How did my very specific request for starting clothing result in too many players and two scrub shirts. It may not seem like a big deal that Cheryl brought two belts and two pair of flip flops, but I know what is going to happen. When I go to look for the unchosen belt or flip flops, I won't be able to find them because they will be in my wife's car... and they will stay in my wife's car until I clean it out in three months. By that time, flip flop season will be over, and the flip flops will get tossed into a closet... effectively disabled for the entire season.
     As for the shirts, how does white or blueish/purple get turned into red or burgundy? I called for a starter, and I got a career minor leaguer, and a shirt that got called up as a late season replacement because all of my starters were in the wash. This was a potential clothing disaster.
     However, I made a change on the fly. I changed into my shorts, but decided to stay with the blue shirt that I wore to work that day. Disaster averted.  
     This is what a great manager does... he adjusts to the game, and puts his best players in the best positions to succeed. Maybe it is time to trade some of my players to a team that will use them more often. Nah!.. You can never have enough good pitching... er... I mean... shirts.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our Lady of Victory... Protect us...

     A spiritual battle is raging. This is from Michael Voris, from Real Catholic TV ~ The Vortex...
Two great armies are forming and becoming solidified. It is clear as a bell. In the Old Testament, it was the mother of the King of Israel that was the Queen... not the wife of the King. What we have as faithful Catholics is the most fearsome and awesome Queen to have ever led an army into battle. This is so because it is her Son that she battles for. And her Son is God. She cannot lose... And in the end, through Her, the destroyer's head will be crushed. Our Lady of Victory, protect us.
Prayer ~ Our Lady, Queen of the Angels
August Queen of Heaven, 
sovereign queen of Angels, 
you who at the beginning 
received from 
the power and the mission to crush the head of Satan, 
we beseech you humbly, 
send your holy legions so that, 
on your orders and by your power, 
they will 
track down demons, 
fight them everywhere, 
curb their audacity and plunge them into the abyss.
Who can be compared to God? 
Oh good 
and tender Mother, 
you will
 always be our love and our hope.
Oh divine Mother, 
send the Holy 
Angels and Archangels to defend me
and to keep the cruel enemy far from me.
Holy Angels
 and Archangels defend us, 
protect us. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing... by their fruits you will know them...

Today's Gospel is from Matthew 7...
     Jesus said to his disciples...“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but underneath are ravenous wolves. By their fruits you will know them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? Just so, every good tree bears good fruit, and a rotten tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a rotten tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire. So by their fruits you will know them.”
     Amen. Look around.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"It's all about money and votes and power."

     There is an article from the New Republic, found in Discover the Networks, that gives greater insight into what motivates Barack Obama... from lessons he learned at the breast of Saul Alinsky, father of community organizing, and author of Rules for Radicals.
     To many readers, this is neither new, nor surprising.
     The article states that, from the beginning of his political career...
Obama had already been applying Alinsky's core concepts--rigorous analysis of an opponent's strengths, a hardheaded understanding of self-interest as a fundamental organizing principle, a knack for agitating people to act, and a streetwise sense of when a raw show of power is necessary--to situations beyond the South Side.
     When describing how Obama had knocked his opponents off the Senate ballot, including his mentor Alice Palmer, the author wrote this...
Obama internalized the Alinsky maxim to always live in "the world as it is and not as we would like it to be," and, starting with his race against Palmer, he put it to use. In the world as we would like it to be, every election should have more than one contestant. In the world as it is, especially in Chicago, you challenge your opponents' signatures and knock them off the ballot.
     Finally, probably revealing the most about Obama, is this passage...
Speaking of what he learned as an organizer, Obama himself told me, "I think that oftentimes ordinary citizens are taught that decisions are made based on the public interest or grand principles, when, in fact, what really moves things is money and votes and power."
     That philosophy surely explains Obama's actions. When his policies seem to run contrary to what is good for the American people, just re-read that quote. And you will see why.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Saint Aloysius Gonzaga

     Today's saint is Aloysius Gonzaga... patron saint of Catholic youth. Read all about him here, from Holy Spirit Interactive.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A tale of three dads...

     This weekend, my sister and her family were in from the west coast, so we went to Ocean City. We had just one full day, so we pretty much spent it seaside. My parents and my brother even drove over so we could spend some relaxing time together in one of our favorite settings... the beach.
     For me, the beach is so many things. Beauty. Serenity. The power of God. Oh... and good clean fun for the kids.
     And as I watched my children playing in the surf, I thought back to when I was a child at the beach. Aside from the peanut butter sandwiches and the sandy lemonade, the thing I remember most is that my dad was always in the water
     And not just for his own sake... to cool off, or whatever... but for our sake. I know that now.
     We wanted to play with him... he was there. We wanted to learn how to float... he was the best. Bodysurfing... sure thing. And no one was better at picking us up and throwing us through the air into a big splash than my dad. Over and over. Time after time.
     My husband says his dad was just like that when he was a kid. Always in the water with the kids. Putting his wants aside for his kids. 
     Maybe it's a dad thing. Maybe it's a loving dad thing.
     So there I was today... all grown up, with children of my own... watching my husband playing with them. And I thank God for him, who loves them more than words can say. 
     And as I sat there on the sand, watching Mark in the water... riding waves and tossing kids... I could see, so clearly, his love for them. Especially when I knew he would have loved to have been napping in the sunshine. The thing is... he loves our kids more. 
     Oh, it's definitely a loving dad thing.
     Yes... a tale of three dads. Three loving dads. Thank you for all you have done for your children. I love you. Happy Father's Day.   

Friday, June 18, 2010

Funny Guy Friday... Musings from my hubby... Date Night

     I have often said that... heaven forbid, something should happen to my lovely wife... I would never get re-married. There are two main reasons for this... one is that my life would be dedicated to my kids, with no time for anybody else... and the other is that I don't think I could ever feel the same way about anybody else like I do about Cheryl.
     Among the many secondary reasons is the fact that, at my age, I cannot see myself back on the dating scene. This was driven home last Saturday evening, when Cheryl and I went on a date.
     To begin, I think that my skills have eroded over time. This date did not start with my wooing my lovely bride, or my planning some romantic dinner. Instead, we were laying on the couch, and I decided that I was not going to go to a 12-year-old baseball game that a friend of mine was coaching. My asking her out went something like this... I am not going to the game... Do you want to go get something to eat? BUT you are not getting all duded up and you are not changing... we are going right now! How could she resist?
     We went to downtown Annapolis, and the first restaurant had a table ready. Great... this is going to be easy, I thought. Unfortunately, the table was wedged between a couple of teenagers texting and listening to their ipods, and a family with young kids. I get this kind of action at home.
     I did not really mind the coziness, but in an obvious sign of age (not the last time in the evening that my age would be a factor), I actually said that the restaurant was just too darn loud. We decided, instead, to get a drink at the bar.
     After ordering a couple of beers, we then took nearly an entire half hour debating who the bartender looked like. By the way, I pegged it right away... he looked exactly like Ron Howard's brother... the guy who plays in all of Ron Howard's movies. I can't see any other woman being impressed with this kind of depth and knowledge.
    Our next stop was where all the action was. We went to another restaurant that was a bit quieter, and we got a booth away from the bar.
     You know that your wife loves you when she asks if you would like a certain side of the booth so you have a better view of the Orioles game on the TV. Cheryl pointed out that there appeared to be a disproportionate number of women... two of whom kissed... and that the bartenders were all very pretty young ladies. Hmm, what was going on here?
     Anyway, there were some guys sitting at a table across from us, when two scantily clad women/girls approached their table. When I say scantily clad, I mean they had on outfits of which I had not seen the likes since I was on my honeymoon in St. Barth's... and I am not talking about my new bride's outfits, but those of the women who were topless on the beaches. Suffice to say, their dresses were very low cut at the top, and very high cut at the bottom.
     The funny thing about it was that my reaction was not, Gee, how sexy, but instead, Gee, how ridiculous. Remember that age thing that I referred to earlier! At one point, I actually asked the girls if they could move so I could see the TV better. Cheryl said she thought they were selling something... I AGREED.
     It turns out that they were selling something, but not what I had thought. They were selling tee shirts for a new Vodka that the bar was promoting. They spent a lot of time working the young men, but eventually... and this should come as no surprise... they made the sale. Cheryl actually said, If their mothers only knew. Do you know how old someone sounds when they say something like that?
     We had a very nice waitress. At the end of the meal, I left a very generous tip for her, in part, because she was one of the few in the place that was dressed somewhat modestly. Do you know how old someone sounds when they write that they left a generous tip because their waitress dressed modestly?
     Eventually, one of the young salesgirls made her way to our table. I bought six shirts... just kidding. She was very pleasant, but we politely told her no thank you, and as we left the restaurant, Cheryl asked if I had gotten a look at her face? Again... you know you have a great wife when she laughs at this response... You mean that naked girl had a face?
     On the way back to the car, we ducked into a shop and tried to find a shirt for our daughter, and then stopped to buy the kids ice cream. Not your typical ending to a romantic evening but this is who we are.
     Cheryl bought a few different pint-size flavors, and came up with a game based on a Chinese gift exchange... where one child blindly selects their pint, and the next child has the option to select a new pint or steal the one already selected. The kids loved it.
     As I think about the events of the evening, a few things were confirmed... besides the fact that I am getting old. Our night out further exemplified the reasons that I could never be married to another woman. I already married the greatest wife/mother in the world... and that marriage has blessed us with three kids that I love more than anything else in this world.
    Actually... I must say... it turned out to be a pretty good date.

Where you treasure is... there also will your heart be...

     Today's Gospel is from Matthew 6... The line that struck me was, "For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be." Jesus was talking about riches... and better to store up riches in heaven than on earth.
     Well... for today, my time is to be my treasure. So I will store up my treasures in heaven today through prayer. I will enjoy my children, and clean my home. For where my treasure is, there will be my heart. Have a blessed day.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Gulf spill is not like 9/11... It is more like the Mexican border...

     I heard something yesterday that started me thinking. Well, kept me thinking... since, as you probably know by now, I often think about this stuff.
     Recently, the president said that the Gulf spill echoes what happened to us on September 11. Outrageous. No one who loves the American way of life could ever make that comparison. If nothing else, his comment exposes the depths he will stoop to get what he wants.
     Let us just remember what happened on that quiet September morning almost 10 years ago... 
     Foreign terrorists, who hate America, boarded four separate American airliners, filled with innocent, unsuspecting people... and flew one plane each, with passengers watching in horror, first into one Twin Tower, and then the other (destroy the free market)... Then the terrorists flew another passenger airliner into the Pentagon (destroy America's military might)... The fourth plane was intended for the Capitol (destroy our system of government)... but true American heroes courageously fought back, taking the plane down in a Pennsylvania field. Of course, they all perished. But they refused to be victims.
     Who could ever forget the horror of the workers trapped at the top of the Twin Towers, unable to escape. Or the images of some of them leaping to their death, rather than being burned to death? Or the heart wrenching last goodbye phone calls, knowing they would not get out. How about the selfless first responders who gave their all for total strangers. Three thousand people died that day... mostly Americans... on American soil. Unprecedented.
     Here's what we know about the Gulf spill... There was an accidental explosion aboard a BP oil rigger miles off the Gulf coast. Although I certainly don't want to minimize the deaths of the workers involved, there certainly have been worse accidents. I would not even compare these two events, but the president started it.
     While it's true that, as the days go by, many, many livelihoods are being destroyed by this. But the Gulf spill is only more of a disaster than it might have been because of the inaction of our federal government. British Petroleum didn't try to stop us from implementing our clean-up plan, we just didn't do it. And it is Obama who has rejected offers to help. In fact, if the feds hadn't pushed the drilling so far out and so far deep, we wouldn't have the problems that we do.
     No, this oil spill is nothing like 9/11. To say that it is means the president must be focusing on something other than what most Americans would be. 
     Perhaps there is ego involved. Maybe he wants us to rally around him, like we did around our leader then... Only, America only rallies around her leaders when they actually lead. Maybe he's trying to turn this from his Katrina into his 9/11. Too late.
     More to the point, the president's focus is on how he can use this event to demonize the oil companies, and push through his green energy agenda. This excerpt is from Britain's Daily Mail...

'In the same way that our view of our vulnerabilities and our foreign policy was shaped profoundly by 9/11,' he (Obama) said, 'I think this disaster is going to shape how we think about the environment and energy for many years to come.'
In a sign he will use the catastrophe to push for energy and climate change reform, he vowed to 'move forward in a bold way in a direction that finally gives us the kind of future-oriented… visionary energy policy that we so vitally need and has been absent for so long.
'One of the biggest leadership challenges for me going forward is going to be to make sure that we draw the right lessons from this disaster,' he said.
Mr Obama said he did not know if America would shift from an oil-based economy in his lifetime however he added that now was the time to 'start making that transition'.
'What we can predict is that the availability of fossil fuel is going to be diminishing; that it's going to get more expensive to recover; that there are going to be environmental costs that our children… our grandchildren and our great-grandchildren are going to have to bear,' he said.

     So, in times like these, we need to sacrifice, and if it means paying more for energy under a costly cap and trade scheme, then we should want to do it as Americans... That we should say... Do whatever you need to do to keep us safe... to save the planet. Seems to me the oil companies aren't the ones we need protection from.     
     This brings me back to what I heard on Glenn Beck today... That if the president wants to make a true comparison to this oil spill... he should look no further than our southern border. We have a problem there. The illegals are gushing into America, and there is absolutely no plan to plug that hole either. Just more rhetoric and accusations.

No friend of Catholic unity...

President Obama knows how to divide and conquer. Read the article here, from Catholic Online.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Must see websites... New Zeal and Key Wiki...

     If you are interested in researching about what is happening in America and the world, especially with regard to the progressives, there are two blogs worth checking out... New Zeal and Key Wiki.
     New Zeal is especially helpful for learning about Marxism in and around Barack Obama. See the Obama Files in New Zeal's righthand sidebar. Can you even believe we are seeing a President of the United States pushing Marxist policies?? It is difficult for most ordinary Americans to believe. Please read about it, so you can recognize it and defeat it. And please pray.
     When Barack Obama says he is fundamentally transforming America... what he means is that he is bringing about the demise of the free market system of economics (capitalism), and replacing it with a centrally planned, statist controlled economy (Marxism, socialism, communism). The end game is redistribution of wealth.
     And on the global stage, he has been alienating our traditional allies. Think about it... who has he insulted and pushed away? The ones who believe in freedom. And who does he bow to and appease? The progressives believe in a post-American America... one in which global interests trump American interests. Again, read: redistribution of wealth. Not to mention population control.
     Lastly, by appointing no less than forty czars, Obama has put in place a shadow governmental structure that is unaccountable to Congress. He just keeps asserting more and more power, even though it is un-Constitutional. By expanding the Executive branch, and rendering Congress unnecessary, the Founders' vision for checks and balances is disappearing. Presto... an oligarchy or a dictatorship... Not that it matters much today... the progressives are inside Congress anyway... but it's not too late to replace them. That's why elections matter on all levels.
     It's really too unimaginable that this would be happening right under our noses, but it is. And at lightning speed. The policies and statements of the progressives are all right out in the open. All you have to do is read about it for yourselves. Discover the Networks is also a good source of information, for cross referencing all of the groups and individuals that have been working for decades to undermine America.
     The progressives have amassed extraordinary power... God can stop it. He makes kings and He unmakes them. Please pray like you've never prayed before.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Snarky news report... from your humble correspondent... Always watch the other hand...

     Too many important happenings to blog about individually, so I'll just hit the lowlights... I was going to say these are unbelievable, but sadly, they are all too believable...
     ~ The Center for American Progress is calling the shots in the Gulf. I wonder if the president ever gets tired of having George Soros's hand up his back.
     ~ The federal government is going to "fix" journalism...  Don't they mean... the fix is in?
     ~ HHS reports that medical costs are going to go up, as a result of the recent socialization of health care. Gee... shocker.
     ~ Obama won't waive the Jones Act in the Gulf, which would permit non-American ships to enter our waters. Organized labor doesn't want non-union workers involved. Hmm... and so, Rome continues to burn (or gush, as the case may be). So much for Obama doing all he can to "help." Maybe Obama enjoys Andy Stern's hand up his back, as well. Isn't it getting a little crowded up there?
     ~ A student asked Democratic Congressman Bob Etheridge if he supported the Obama agenda, and the "representative" assaulted the student, demanding to know his name. Why so touchy, Bob? Etheridge had him by the wrist, and wouldn't let him go. Then he grabbed him by the neck. Who does this Congressmen think he is? I bet while he had this poor guy by the neck with one hand, he was reaching for his wallet with the other.
     You always have to watch the other hand.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Immaculate Heart of Mary

     Today is the Memorial of the Immaculate Heart of Mary... For devotions and further spiritual study, link here and here.
     Immaculate Heart of Mary... pray for us. 

Friday, June 11, 2010

Funny Guy Friday... Musings from my hubby... What happens in the courthouse, stays in the courthouse... almost...

     I was sitting in Court today when a woman in a hot pink outfit had her case called. As she approached the bench... in her best Jessica Rabbit walk... she was asked if she wanted an attorney. She held her hand out, looking at her fingernails admiringly, and told the judge that she could handle it herself... and then she turned and Jessica Rabbit-walked slowly back to her seat. As she turned, I read the writing on her way-too-tight shirt, that said, All this and brains too. I'm not so sure about that.
     Having to go to Court can be a very daunting experience for a client, but if you go everyday, you will see and hear a lot of funny things. For instance...
     ... Once, a judge gave a suspended sentence to a man accused of hitting his girlfriend, and placed him on a year's probation. A condition of the probation was that he read a book about chivalry and write a report.  His attorney immediately chimed in, "If he has to read a book and do a report... you better make the probation three years."
     ... The following conversation took place on more than one occasion, when I was a prosecutor...  Me: "Ma'am how do you know the defendant that assaulted you?" Client: "I don't." Me: "Is there any relationship or anything between the two of you?" Client: "No." Me: "So, how is it that you were together, and he was assaulting you?" Client: "He is my baby's daddy." Huh?
     ... In a recent custody trial, an attorney asked his client how long she had been her mother's daughter.
     ... At a sentencing of a deaf man, the Judge was yelling at the man and insisting that the Defendant look at him when he was talking to him. The sign language interpreter advised that, "If he does that, he cannot hear you... that is why he is looking at me."
     ... A woman passed out in Court, one day, and an ambulance came. She ended up being wheeled out of the courtroom. As she passed me, I noticed that she had a very nice gray wool blanket wrapped around her. Later that day, when I went to leave the courtroom, I could not find my very nice gray wool coat... WITH MY CAR KEYS IN IT! Now that I think about it, this was not so funny.
     ... And finally... I went to court with my sister-in law for a speeding ticket... pro-bono... that's legalese for doing stuff for your wife's family and not getting paid. Anyway, we took our seats and the judge took the bench. A gentleman in an orange jumpsuit, with ankle shackles and handcuffs, was escorted by two Sheriffs out of the lock-up and into the courtroom. This prompted my ever-observant sister-in-law to ask, "Do you think that he is a criminal?" Hmm... do you think?
     I finish with that last story in hopes that my sister-in-law will read it, recall our day together, and get a chuckle. She needs it. Today she and her husband are taking their youngest son to Hopkins for a consultation with a neuro-vascular specialist about an irregularity in one of the arteries in his brain. He is four years old.
     He is a sweet little boy, who just goes about his business. For now, we will pray for him and his family, and ask everyone who reads this to do the same.
     Besides my prayers, I will do whatever I can to help... that includes representation, pro-bono, in the event that she gets a speeding ticket while heading up to Baltimore.

All roads lead to Chicago...

     In doing some research today about the black flag as the symbol for anarchy... I was reminded of the first Ghostbusters movie.
     Do you remember, in the movie, when they discovered that all of the monsters converged on the one corner of that building where Bill Murray's girlfriend lived? 
     Well... I'm feeling a little bit like that today... where all radical, revolutionary roads lead straight to... Chicago
     Click on any of these links below, from Discover the Networks, and you will see that Chicago has been, and still is, a hotbed of corruption, radical leftists, radical Islamists, and Marxist revolutionaries. This is where Barack Obama, and many of those surrounding him, taught, and cut their political teeth.
     Oh... and they organized.
     Many of these people and groups work together. And they've got their tentacles in some very powerful places, such as the White House. It is really overwhelming, as you start to read and see all of the connections. I know it's hard to believe, but this is real. You must believe these people are serious. And they've been working to fundamentally transform America for a long time.
     By the way... The first time the black flag of anarchy was unfurled on American soil... was in Chicago.

Woods Fund of ChicagoBill AyersCommunism in Chicago and the Obama ConnectionJoyce FoundationBarack Obama's unlikely political educationChicago Annenberg ChallengeSaul AlinskyChicago Climate Exchange (CCX)Weather UndergroundJohn PodestaArab American Action NetworkBernardine DohrnValerie JarrettRahm EmanuelMarilyn KatzCarl DavidsonDavid AxelrodObama and His Weatherman FriendsNation of IslamMichelle ObamaBobby SealeNew PartyBenevolence International Foundation,Islamic Association for PalestineStudents for a Democratic SocietyJulian BondQuentin YoungJames MeeksTom HaydenDemocratic Socialists of AmericaJesse JacksonHillary Clinton's Hidden ThesisObama-ACORN Root Causes of Mortgage CrisisJeff JonesSeymour HershAmerican Muslim CouncilMidwest AcademyElena KaganMichael PflegerHeather BoothMuslim American SocietyLouis FarrakhanJewish Alliance for Justice and PeaceAlice PalmerBobby RushRashid KhalidiMarilyn KatzCass SunsteinJohn "Rick" MacArthurJim WallisOtis MossNicholas De GenovaKindheartsCenter for Community ChangePalestine Children's Welfare FundIndustrial Areas FoundationJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur FoundationInternational Socialist OrganizationJulian BondQuentin YoungJames MeeksTom HaydenAhmed RehabAmerican Muslim CouncilLuis GutierrezMuslim American SocietyTeaching Social Justice in the ClassroomBarack ObamaNathan Cummings FoundationMosque FoundationFertig, RalphNational Lawyers GuildHatem AbudayyehMorton HalperinHarper's Magazine FoundationFrank Marshall DavisElijah MuhammadUnited Association for Studies and ResearchAtkinson, Ti-GraceBrotherhood in AmericaMargery TabankinAshraf NubaniUnited Association for Studies and ResearchInternational ANSWERSheikh Muhammad Nur AbdullahMichael PosnerPatricia IrelandAssociation of Community Organizations for Reform NowJoan Wallach ScottFlora Family FoundationLeslie CaganSojournersRamsey ClarkTides FoundationAaron McGruderJan SchakowskyLloyd, MarkThe National Council of Arab AmericansProgressive Democrats of America (PDA)Stanley CohenAmericans United (for Separation of Church and StateJeremiah WrightDavis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland, PCAmerican-Arab Anti-Discrimination CommitteeGeorge WileyFord FoundationTim WiseAl FrankenVietnam Veterans Against the WarOmar AhmadDennis “Justin” RaimondoPlayboy FoundationLucius WalkerAmerican Federation of TeachersNew-Land FoundationJim McDermottEd AsnerAl-Maghrib InstituteLeonard WeinglassInternational Solidarity MovementHarry BelafonteRalph NeasService Employees International UnionProgressive Democrats of AmericaIndoctrination U: Arizona StateRaeed TayehRainbow/PUSH,Council for the National Interest  Center for Constitutional RightsJohn McKnightElijah MuhammadMuslim Arab Youth AssociationThe ProgressivePrairie Fire Organizing CommitteeDavid Fenton

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