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Friday, January 1, 2016

Funny Guy Friday... What's your word for the new year?...

     Funny Guy Friday is written each week by my husband Mark. So, I married a funny guy...
     Happy New Year to you.
     The Palumbos brought in the New Year In Ocean City, with some of our friends, the Smiths and the McGees. Although I may have fallen asleep in the fourth quarter of the Alabama blowout over Michigan State, I rallied for the midnight festivities that included a champaign toast, fire works, and a kiss for my kids and my best gal.
     Speaking of Cheryl (I was talking about Cheryl when I mentioned my best gal), you have to love her... The Little Non-Drunk Engine That Couldn't.
     As we get older, her ability to drink alcohol decreases. Since our marriage, she has been a bit of a tea-totaler anyway... so am I, incidentally... but she now says every time she drinks, she gets tired, gets a headache, gets an upset stomach, or simply loses interest. She is pretty much limited to a beer or a glass of wine... maybe two, if it's sweet. Yet, as we headed over to Ocean City, she had loaded up the beer, the wine, the mud slides, the lime-aritas, the mojito mix, and the alcoholic root beer.
     Not sure what she expected, but she hardly drank any of it... although she did make me a mojito that Paul Bunyon would have had trouble finishing. I sure as heck could not!
     The beach is a great place to start the year. We got in a little football, miniature golf, some ice skating, and a lot of fellowship with great friends. When we returned home, as Noah whipped up his first homemade meal of the year (delicious egg plant parmesian and ravioli), Cheryl continued a tradition that she started last year. This begs the question, can you have a tradition that is only one year old?
     The answer is yes.
     Cheryl asks us each to think of the one word that will describe the theme for your new year.
     Grandma was quick to play. Happiness.  She was done playing.  She could check that off her list.
     Noah thought for a bit and then said Get In Shape! 
     That is three words... Mom said one word, I reminded him.
     Well, I want to get in better shape in 2016, so whatever word works. 
     Shape. But round is a shape so forget shape! I wasn't done with suggestions. Skinniness... but it is more than getting skinny... besides you're not fat. Exercise... that could be it. Okay Noah is Exercise!
     No, I want my word to be Fitness. Noah completely ignored all of my suggestions.
     Okay Mom, what's your word?  I inquired.
     Wow, I am not sure. Nap. Nap is my word for 2016.
     I was quick to remind her that Nap has been your word for the past four years... you need a new word! 
     Cheryl was quick to remind me that this is only our second year of picking a one word theme.
     Really? Wow, it seems that you have been napping for much longer than that!   
     My new word, she decided, is Divorce!
     She did not really say that... but I am pretty sure she was thinking it!
     Cheryl settled on Hearten.
     So, it was my turn...  My word will be One-A-Day!
     Wait, I could not do Get In Shape... how can you do One-A-Day!
     Because it is one word... hyphenated... but still one word!
     No, you can't use that... why would you use that word?
     Because I plan on eating at least one good meal a day... exercise at least one time a day... do at least one good thing every single day!
     How about pray at least one time a day? Cheryl always tries to horn in on my great ideas.
     Sure... I can pray once a day Miss Goodie Two Shoes. 
     By the way, Cheryl continued, you cannot use One-A-Day. 
     Well, no other word captures what I want my 2016 to be. I will use any word that you can think of that fits... but I assure you, there are none. I have thought about it and it has to be One-A-Day!
     What about Daily?
     Sometimes, I want to use Divorce!
     Gracie chimed in with Adventure... but she thinks she used that one last year. Cheryl recalled that
last year her word was Ambition, and since she finished up at the Mount with a 3.5 this past semester, Adventure it is.
     Matthew has yet to come up with his word, so I am going to assign him one. Here are my options... Sleepy, Grumpy, Dopey, Bashful, Happy, Sneezy and Doc.
     Oh, I know... Dwarfy. Matthew's word for 2016 is Dwarfy! This is what happens when you don't pick your own word.
     Wait... Cheryl tells me that Dwarfy is not a word and thinks I should go with Humility!  I like Dwarfy but I don't really want to get a divorce... even if it could have been my word.
      Humility it is.
      Well... It looks like our year is shaping up nicely... Happiness. Adventure. Fitness. Humility. Hearten.
      So, Happy New Year to all... what's your word for 2016?
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