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Friday, December 25, 2015

Funny Guy Friday... It's a Wonderful Life...

     Funny Guy Friday is written each week by my husband Mark. So, I married a funny guy...
     Once again, everyone is nestled asleep in their beds... and the house is somewhat back to normal.
     As Christmas Day draws to an end, I am left here sitting and thinking of something funny to write about. Believe it or not, every week, for the past five years or so, I have been able to come up with an idea and attempt to put it in a funny light.
     Typically, there are two ways I come up with ideas for FGF.
     The first is simple... something will happen during the week and strike me as being funny. I may embellish that event, or I may even make up a fact or two. Like I have said many times before, the things I write about are 85% true, 10% exaggerated and 5% made up. But the actual events always occur... I just put my own little spin on them.
     The second way is a bit trickier. The second method only occurs when nothing happens that strikes me as funny enough to write about... at least not fifteen paragraphs worth. It is at that point that I think of a theme and then think back about events in my life that fit that theme.
     Well, nothing really funny happened this past Christmas week, so I have been thinking about some theme. The past two days have been spent entirely with my wife and kids and have been overcome by the idea that this past year has been such a gift. I am unbelievably blessed and I truly have... A Wonderful Life.
     So there is my theme... this past year has been further proof that I have a Wonderful Life.
     By the way, I like the movie, It's a Wonderful Life, but I don't really love that movie. I think that George Bailey should have had it all figured out way before Clarence came onto the scene. Three nice kids and a beautiful wife... but it always bothered me the way that he got upset with ZuZu as she practiced her piano and was so short with his other kids because Uncle Billy lost all of the business's money. I get that his professional life was in shambles... but those kids had nothing to do with it.
     On a side note, what does it say about me that I have reservations about the movie It's a Wonderful Life because George Bailey is short with his wife and kids but, on the other hand, I love the movie, The Godfather and it's main character, Michael Corleone. I suppose I can rationalize it by pointing out that George mistreated his family for a no good reason while Michael did bad things to... protect his family.
     Ah, family... the reason that I have such a Wonderful Life.
     All of my life, I have been surrounded by a great family, but this past year has been a bit different. My father passed away about four years ago, and about a year ago, my mother made the decision to move in with us. This is her second Christmas with us, and each year we make sure she has her own pile of gifts under the tree, that her stocking is stuffed and that she takes part in all of our Christmas activities.
     As she went to bed this evening, she hugged me and thanked me for all that I do for her and for taking care of her. I told her it was not a problem, and I reminded her that I have only been taking care of her for one year, but she took care of me for many more than that. I owe her about twenty or thirty more. She provided everything that I ever needed and continues to provide inspiration, love and support every day that she is with us.
     My mother told me that I was right... Yeah, you're right, you still owe me a few years!
     In reality, taking care of my mother is easy because I don't really do it... Cheryl does.
     I mean, I pay for stuff but that's about where my contribution ends. The day to day dealings are entirely up to Cheryl and she does it with such a loving heart. Oftentimes, watching Cheryl take care of my mom brings me to tears. In fact, there are a lot of things that Cheryl does that bring me to tears. I often describe her as the nicest person that God has ever put on this Earth... and most of the time I mean it!
     Cheryl's gentle love and guidance to my mother is a great example for our three kids. Each one of my kids makes me proud every day of their lives.
     Grace had a bit of a rocky start to her college career... which meant that I had a bit of a rocky start to her college career... but has more than hit her stride. She loves her life up at The Mount and is destined for great things. She continues to develop as a student and as a person. She is an independent thinker that is right every time she agrees with me.
     She is only home for holidays and school breaks but pitches in and jumps right into the day to day activities. On a side note... she also picks out great gifts for her dear old dad from the Mount Book Store... scored a sweet sweatshirt and hat this year.
     Matthew is enjoying his high school career... working hard on his academics and his athletics. Although it is questionable whether he is getting taller than I, he is lifting weights and working out almost every day... and he thinks he is stronger than I. He may be right.
     Based on his homework assignments, there is no doubt that he is smarter than I... but don't tell him any of this... I am too old and too tired to take him down a peg. He opens doors and walks with my mom and is never too busy to take time out of his day to offer his assistance.
    He too, got his pop a sweet Spalding High School Sweat Shirt!
    Noah continues to amaze us with his art, his piano playing, and his love for cooking. All skills have turned out pretty well for Cheryl and me this Christmas season. We commissioned him to draw a few pictures of our friends' families saving us money on gifts, and his cooking keeps us fat and happy! Noah even painted a sign for me and gave me a massage bar. Seems he is also aware of my getting older and more tired!
    Noah is home every day with Cheryl and my mom, and I think that the bond between the three of them has been an amazing thing to watch. The only problem is that Noah has a hard time cooking in the same kitchen as my mom. It is like two diva's vying for the same prize! Fortunately, they make it work!
    In reality, having my mother live with us this past year has been the real gift and it is a joy to watch Cheryl and the kids give their love and support to my mother on a daily basis. Each helps out with whatever Grandma needs and they have never... not once... ever complained. To the contrary, they volunteer to do more than what is asked of them.
    This year, I hope that you all enjoy the gift of your family and that you realize that it is your family that makes it a truly Wonderful Life.
    God bless you and your family and have a very Merry Christmas!

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