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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Switching gears...

     When I started you are mine, my goal was to provide information and reflection about American history, current events, faith and simple living. It was going to be a helpful, hopeful one-stop-shop for people who see the need for God in their lives... and who fear for our republic.
     In that time, I have tried to ring the bell about the trouble America is in. And perhaps you have shared the information with your friends. But I am about to switch gears a little bit for the remainder of the year. I urge you to go to The Blaze and Romantic Poet, as well as other sites in my sidebar for the latest news and information.
     And when you read the news, please remember to watch for what the other hand is up to. And always follow the money. Look for the connections, because they are there.
     Consider some recent stories...
     The Wikileaks story? George Soros's Open Society, Code Pink, Bill Ayers, and Movement for a Democratic Society are all involved. See the motives and connections, here.
     The TSA story? It has been the goal of this administration since the beginning to unionize the TSA. All the trouble started right on the heels of the president giving them the nod to unionize. The 24/7 media attention. The not-so-suitable-for-humans scanners. The naked images. The invasive pat downs for those passengers opting out. More media hype about TSA bad behavior. The public outrage. No wonder morale is sketchy.
     The unions to the rescue. Why does the TSA need the unions? Why do any federal bureaucrats, for that matter? Why can't the TSA just improve the working conditions themselves? Because this administration wants them unionized. Remember top down, bottom up, inside out. Anarchy. Chaos. Then government control.
     How about the Food Safety Bill that was pushed through the Senate in a hurried lame duck vote. Control of the food supply. Monsanto stands to profit, and who do you suppose is a huge Monsanto investor... George Soros.
     And despite their Obamacare waiver, SEIU has dropped children from their insurance plans, and put them on the path to a single payer healthcare system. They say the system is overloaded. Remember Cloward & Piven?
     And what a coincidence that UAW is the biggest winner in the GM stock sales. Union payoff. Workers of the world unite. These things are all connected. And once you know what to look for, you can see it all, plain as day.
     Stay awake, and do what you can to protect your remaining freedoms.
     As for me, I will be posting more faith meditations throughout Advent. For where my treasure is, there my heart also will be. More simple living too. It is time to look ahead toward self sufficiency, with an ever-deeper reliance on God's providence. So look for more posts about preparing my heart for Christmas. And preparing my home for the year ahead.
     May God bless you abundantly. And may the peace of Christ be always in your heart and in your home.

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